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Flashing Arrow Signs :: Portable Flashing Arrow Signs :: Blinking Arrow Signs :: Portable Signs offers a full line of Flashing Arrow Signs. Blinking Arrow Signs will attract attention immediately for a very low cost per thousand with potential customers. They are perfect for setting up a temporary business and as an alternative to permanent signage-or simply as a weekend promotion. can design and produce a wide variety of Portable Flashing Arrow Signs, from permanent custom built displays to all types of changeable message centers. All of our Flashing Arrow Signs are available with or without wheels at a very competitive price. Click here for Portable Roadside Signs. Call at (800) 922-6189 to speak to one of our qualified sales representatives or simply fill out are easy to use Request A Quote for information on one of these attention getting signs.

Did You Mean Portable Sidewalk Signs? Roadside Sign
Sign Features
  • Standard Size – 4 ft x 8 ft Lighted Double Faced sign
  • Custom sizes – available upon request
  • Interior Frames – 1 in. x 1 in. x 1/8 in.
  • Adjustable Tube Stands – 2 in. x 2 in.
  • High Impact-resistant faces for greater durability / available in white or yellow
  • Frames – painted, high quality, acrylic finish
  • Colors are – available in black, brown, white, & orange
  • Condensed letters – 1 set (300) of 8" letters
  • Solid-state flasher – available with 60 watt bulbs
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter for maximum safety
  • Trailers – available with 8 in. tires/wheels
  • 2 year limited warranty on all portable flashing arrow signs
  • All spare parts are available for immediate shipment
  • Tips for Changeable Copy Sign


Model# SW4002-ECONO-1
4ft x 8ft Lighted Double Faced
Model# SW4002-ECONO-2
40" x 6ft Lighted Double Faced
On Stands w/o wheels     On Stands w/o wheels    



Model# SW4002-A1
4ft x 8ft Lighted Double Faced
Flashing Arrow - Tilted
On Stands w/o wheels  



Model# SW4002-A6
40in x 72in Lighted Double Faced
Flashing Arrow
On Stands w/o wheels  



Model# SW4002-A7
40in x 96in Lighted Double Faced
Flashing Arrow
  • Double sided
  • 4 lines of 8" letters
  • Letters – Set of 176 numbers and letters
  • 2" Square Tube Stands
  • Black Frame-1x1x1/8 steel frame
On Stands w/o wheels  



Model# SW4002-A8
4ft x 8ft Lighted Double Faced
Flashing Arrow
On Stands w/o wheels  



Model# SW4002-A11
4ft x 8ft Lighted Double Faced
Changeable Copy Header Panel

On Stands w/o wheels  



Model# SW4002-BLACK1
6ft. x 8ft Non-Illuminated Blackboard
  • Double sided
  • 5 lines of 12" letters – Available in either one or two colors
  • Letters – Set of 250 numbers and letters
  • Adjustable stand
  • Letter colors – Available in white, yellow, orange, red, blue or green
On stands only    

Call us today at 1-800-922-6189 to speak with a live signage representative, or request a quote online and a representative will contact you with a within 24 hours. Shipping on our sidewalk signs is additional.